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What is web analytics? The Web Analytics Association defines it as “the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of quantitative Internet data to optimize websites and marketing initiatives.” Programs like Google Analytics measure the number of visitors viewing your website each day. Full analytics systems can show you exactly which pages saw the most traffic and offers demographic information. Understanding the people reaching your site allows you to determine if your marketing and promotional effects target the right visitors

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Google Analytics is one of the most popular free website tracking service options, but it has its limits. Improving the performance of your website in a commercial context through web measurement, user behavior analysis and implementation of proven strategies aimed at increasing conversion rates. Companies currently devoting a large budget to their website will save money by not wasting it on useless marketing methods. Learning to understand the meaning of certain web statistics takes as long as learning any other web design process.Most web designers have heard of Google Analytics, but many of them have not taken the time to understand just how valuable the data can be. There is a wealth of knowledge you can gain about your web traffic that can help improve your site design and marketing efforts.

Successful web analytic services have scheduled reports, profile filters, regular expressions, event tracking, E-commerce reports and email marketing report in mind when we regularly update tracking code. We guide you through the latest ROI calculation sheet on our services, as well as other funnel optimization and content optimization offerings


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